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Hello there!!

This blog is all about proving that staying fit is actually an easy thing. All it needs is dedication and a real will to stay fit. This blog will be having some easy health and fitness tips, exercising tips, diet plans, vlogs and some other out of the box(personally experienced) fitness stuffs! Please like and share my posts, if you like them and want others to know about it.




How to start running ? How to be a “Runner”?

Congratulations readers! You just made your first step towards running !!

Exactly, that’s how it is. The very first step to start running, is to THINK about it. And, the next step would be not to forget about it, and take your thinking to the next level, and that is DOING. It ain’t hard, trust me!! You too can run, and soon can be a pro runner!!
I was not a runner once, but now I am. So it’s all about first deciding that you actually are into it. Start thinking, start going out, start running and there you go people…you are a runner now. Simple, isn’t it?
Well, I know most of you would say- “it sounds easy, but ain’t easy in real.”…and there you fellas, you just made it more difficult, just by giving it a second thought. Start running, and it’s going to be fine. It’s going to be easy. So, what I need from you guys is to start in real, not in your dreams.

How to start running?
How to be a better runner?
How to increase my stamina?
How not to have any injuries?
What if I fall? What if I can’t make it? What if…this…that….thousands of questions will come to your mind for sure. Your mind is going to give you tons of excuses for sure. Beat it!
Yes, you heard it right, beat all those excuses first and start going out. And simply take your steps and run….that’s it…!! All right, so let’s talk to the point now.


Follow these steps:

  1. As I said earlier, the very first step is to go out. Take your first step. Some of you are going to make it soon, and some will take time. But, be on it. Go out, and just take your step.
  2. Running pace, running time, running posture….those are not necessary in the beginning. All it needs, is to make up your mind, and start running naturally, the way it is. Don’t think what’s wrong, what’s right. And just simply run. Let your feet flow like water flows in the stream. Keep it natural!!
  3.  Don’t rush!! Those who are high in adrenaline, and those who want to be pro asap, end up on a bad note. Have patience. Take it slow, step by step! Not, one at a go. You got to keep calm, have cool head, and take enough time.
  4. Listen to your body. Injury is the last thing needed for you right now. So, as I said, don’t rush. Don’t just try too much. Listen to your body, if it says, you are done, so you are done. You can push the limits later on. For now, you are a beginner.
  5. A good shoe in the beginning is important. Though not the mandatory thing at all. So those, who can’t afford it. Just don’t be disappointed. Go wear your flip-flops (chappal), sandals, etc. And take a little ride with your feet. But those who actually can afford, go get a good shoe with proper consulting, and as per your feet comfort level.
  6. Running time? You can run any time. Those who are lazy to wake up early in the morning, start running in the evening. And those, who are too pumped up, and are going to rise early in the morning, good for you. And those, who can’t manage time, both in evening and morning. Run at night.  Yes, you heard it right. Morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night…it’s all fine for a run! So please put no excuses there.
  7. All right, so you started it, and had a good run. Now you are confident, want to run more. Isn’t it? But, put a comma there guys. Don’t make it too much for a week. You might be a natural athlete. But your body takes time, for this change you are putting in your life. So, let it take time. take it little slow in the beginning. Too much for a week, can cause unwanted cramps, blisters, and other knee/heel/shin injuries. So better, be careful you runners.
  8. Okay, so before you run, a little bit or some more of stretching is very necessary. The more you stretch and relax your muscles, the more it’s better! It will really make your run far more easy, specially for the morning runners. After sleep, you are all dizzy, so are your muscles. They too are dizzy, so make them little active, before giving them a tough job of running. Stretching, or simply walking is a must before a run!
  9. Okay, now after you run, a little bit of cool up is a must. Again stretching would be beneficial. All your muscles are going to get pumped up, heated up after a run. So after you ran, just take a simple walk and try stretching and relaxing your stiff muscles. That is surely going to benefit you a lot later.
  10. All right, now you know about running. You are going to run daily? That’s not needed fellas. Specially for you beginners. There are plenty of helpers for your run, specifically: Core exercises, Yoga, Walking, Cycling, Swimming, Gym, etc. Keep your muscles active on “non-run” days. But you gotta be regular with it. For beginners, alternate day runs are fine, or 4-5 days a week is enough. Again, run as much as you can afford as per your body.
  11. Pre-workout and Post workout…..are they necessary? Are they must? No, not really.
    It’s good to have a pre-workout small meal, like at least a banana, sweet potato, technically, something, with a good amount of glycogen contents. Surely, they will give you some extra energy there to run. But, that ain’t mandatory at all. You can run with empty stomach too, if you can. But yes, don’t run after a regular meal, atleast for some 2,3 hours till your body digests those things. All it will do, is make you more bloated, or put some acidity there, and hence will make your run little tough. But if you still want to somehow, though it’s not a healthy practice, you can go for it. But those who are aiming it big, and want to be a “Good runner”, you are listening fellas. So, just like pre-workout, post-workout is also not mandatory. I will surely discuss about meals, in some separate post soon. But as a beginner, it’s good to have some very light meals, before and after a run, but not necessary at all.
  12. That’s all folks! You can just start your run. Just go for it. Trust me, RUN is FUN. Go out, have a run, talk about it. Make others run. And just keep running. Sooner or later, you will be a pro, and surely going to love that feeling.


This is it. Thanks a very lot readers for putting up your time here. And, this was my very first post on this blog. So pardon, if you found any mistakes, had confusion or what so ever. Feel free to comment, like, share and contact me for any suggestions, doubts, and tips.